TweetDeck for Android update: v0.9.3

Well that was quick. TweetDeck for Android saw a much needed update today that fixed some of the quirks (problems) that many of you have been complaining about. The update contains changes to font sizes, picture sizes, API compatibility, and a wee bit more column management.

Despite any bugs the TweetDeck beta may have, the app is definitely well received. In fact, that may just be the reason the beta was even pushed out in the first place. The original leaked .apk file was so incredibly popular, and so incredibly broken, that if TweetDeck didn’t respond with something a little better… well, let’s just say no one wants their name tarnished like that.

You can download the newest version of TweetDeck for Android, v0.9.3, here, and be sure to read the full statement below. Oh, and if you had any doubts that TweetDeck was planning on revamping the UI, or if the dev team had a sense of humor, check out the statement on the bottom of picture below (thanks George!). Gotta love it.

-Fixed an issue with font-size slider on certain devices
-API is now at level 5, which should ensure full compatibility with Android 2.0
-Many data optimisations including size of queries and greatly reduced Facebook image sizes
-Added option to control refresh rate per column under Manage Columns (Not final UI, this will come in another update)

Via TweetDeck Support