Want to purchase Android apps with PayPal?

I was thrilled when the ability to charge apps to my T-Mobile bill came along, and I was greatly disappointed to see how often the option was actually available. Sometimes it’s there; sometimes it isn’t. And I don’t like having a bunch of transactions being sent separately to my credit card. It’s difficult to keep track of purchases (and therefore notice something out of the ordinary), and it’s easy to forget about just how many programs you’ve bought and get hit with a big surprize once those purchases are processed.

Now it looks as though another payment option could be available in the Android Market and it would address the issues mentioned above as well as satisfy folks that just don’t want to use Google Checkout. Bloomberg reported on August 13th that Google is in talks with PayPal about adding the mobile payment behemoth to the slowly growing list of options for payment in the ANdroid Market. What’s more, this arrangement could fall into place as early as this fall.

PayPal recently released version 2.0 of their software for Android, adding “bump” support, bill splitting, and other features previously available to desk/laptop users. The ability to buy apps with a PayPal balance or connected account is the next logical step.

Via Bloomberg by way of Android Guys

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