What’s inside the GAPPS for the T-Mobile G2? Google Voice.

This is some pretty interesting stuff. Our very own Andrew Steffy decided to flash the GAPPS (Google-Apps) found in the recently leaked T-Mobile G2 build over a CyanogenMod 6 nightly on his Nexus, and voila… it works!

Inside the GAPPS you’ll find the all the new widgets and apps you’ve come to know and love from stock Froyo (Market widget, tips, etc.), and a whole lot more. As far as we can tell, just about every Google app available for Android comes already installed on the device. When they said “with Google,” they weren’t kidding. What’s more, there’s even something new: A Google Voice widget. The new Google Voice widget shows how much money is in your GV account, and features handy buttons for quick access to your inbox, a compose message function, settings for when to use GV, and a button to turn Google Voice off.

Could the revolution continuing have something to do with T-Mobile and VOIP? Exactly how Google Voice will work with your G2 and T-Mobile isn’t quite clear yet, but we know that with the calling features recently added to the web-based GMail client, Google is pushing it hard. Of course, this could just be a good time for Google to push out a new widget, but hey, we can dream right? Look for more information to develop when we find it. Until then, check out the eye candy below. Rev it up!

Update: Sure enough, you can indeed customize hotkeys. It’s about time.