XPERIA X10 update before end of September

The update to finally get the Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10 onto Android 2.1 is long long overdue. Froyo, 2.2, has officially made it’s way to several devices now. The next iteration of Android, Gingerbread, has already been rumored to drop as soon as this fall. Meanwhile, the XPERIA X10, Sony Ericsson’s pride and joy, is still stuck on 1.6. According to Sony Ericsson UK’s Twitter account, that’s about to change… sooner than later:

Considering the fact the the X10 has been out for months now, if the update doesn’t hit soon the device will be all but obsolete in the fast paced world of Android. The original update schedule for the X10 family was set to finish by the end of Q4. The initiative to change that date to the end of September just may be the smartest thing SE has ever done. Of course, it goes without saying that deadlines change and things fall apart, so don’t hold your breath.

Via Android and Me