7″ Dell tablet coming “very, very soon—within the next few weeks”

Soon after Mr. Dell himself was seen flaunting a 7″ tablet over at Oracle World, comes announcement of several devices coming soon from Dell. According to Dell Greater China President Amit Midha, Dell plan’s to release “a whole slew” of tablet-esque devices in the next 6-12 months, ranging in size from 3-10 inches. While not all of the upcoming tablets will be running Android OS, several of them will. The 7″ tablet mentioned above, will supposedly see launch within the next few weeks; A big claim for a device that hasn’t even been formally announced.

This reminds me of the first appearance of the Dell Streak. From the time the Streak was spotted, to it’s release, the device became all but irrelevant. If Dell really can push this 7″ tablet out in the next few weeks, we may have some serious competition to the Galaxy Tab. Look for more information as this story develops.