Abduction! 2 for Android coming soon

It’s been brought up time and time again, and unfortunately, it still rings very true: gaming on Android sucks. There really is no sugar coated way of putting it. There simply isn’t the variety and quality you may be used to from other operating systems. Having said that, there are of course several exceptions.

Take for example Jewels. The game is highly addicting, and offers nearly the same quality as Bejweled, but for a whole lot less (see: free). Then there are games like Abduction! World Attack from Psym Mobile; A great game in it’s own right. I never would have thought that controlling a very bouncy little cow into the skies to save your friends from aliens could be so entertaining. For roughly $2.00, the game features ranking, several different game modes, and the handy ability to backup your saves. As far as I’m concerned, you can’t ask for much more out of a $2 casual game.

Well according to the guys at DIYGamer, the experience is about to get even better with the release of Abduction! 2. Not very many details were released after Geoff Gibson of DIYG received an early review copy, but he promises the game ” is absolutely better than the original in almost every facet imaginable.” Strong words for an already great franchise making a name for itself in Android gaming, but one Phil Symonds of Psym is trying to live up to.

Look for more details when Abduction! 2 hits the Android Market soon. Until then, I highly recommend you download Abduction! for free, and if you like it, give World Attack a shot.

Via DIY Gamer