Android gains in smartphone OS share at RIM and Apple’ expense

smartphone OS market share

Market researcher comScore‘s report on their latest mobile OS numbers shows all good news for Android. Firstly, Android is now ahead of MS and has moved into a comfortable third place. Secondly, it’s two main competitors, BlackBerry and iOS, are losing share while Android is gaining. Whereas there were 13 percentage points between Apple and Google in April of this year, in July there were less than 7. We imagine that by now, the difference is significantly smaller.

The trend is not surprising, and we’ve reported on other researchers’ similar findings before. The kind of consistency with which Android is improving, though, is worthy of mention, and will be noticed by competitors, allies, developers, and retailers alike. Everyone loves to support a healthy grower.

One thing to remember is that iPad and iPod numbers are not counted here, even though they’re also on iOS. Although comScore and other number crunchers divide phones and other devices, that distinction is becoming less significant to smarphone consumers, whose focus tends to be on data over voice, with VoIP possibly cutting down on the difference even more. In other words, non-phone mobile OS share is also important. Fortunately for Google, there’s slew of tablets on the horizon, ready to take on the iPad and further propagate the Android platform.

via comScore by way of PhoneDog