Android Market hits the 80k mark

Yesterday, in the announcement of the T-Mobile G2, Magenta took a moment to spit some facts about their rapidly evolving HSPA+ network and Android in general. Among those facts were this gem from Andy Rubin himself:

“From new services, such as Voice Actions, to mobile applications, developer-led Android innovation is flourishing. On Android Market alone, the number of applications available to consumers has grown from just 50 applications two years ago to more than 80,000 applications today.”

It was just under 2 months ago was when Google last announced the Market had reached 70,000 apps; That translates to somewhere near 180 apps a day added to the Android Market since. To think that the Market started out at just 50 apps 2 years ago is astonishing. And keep in mind here, this is only counting Android Market apps, there are alternative markets with even more.

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