Andy merch that’s worth the scratch

Chances are, that if you follow Android news, you’ve probably come across a shirt/poster design by Garry Booth, Chris Bishop, or George Soto. Their work has been featured on American apparel tees and 18 X 24 inch posters as three different Android inspired designs: Exploded Andy, Andy Versus, and Unstoppable Andy, listed here in their chronological order of release.

One of the product promoters has been nice enough to send me a shirt for each design free of charge, and I’m a fan of the work. I haven’t seen the posters in person, but the shirts are high quality gear. The designs are top notch and the fabric is soft and comfy.

I wore the Exploded Andy tee in the first video of my myTouch 3G Slide rooting tutorial. My favorite, Andy Versus (if only for the lighter color), was in my video on the aSpiritBomb live wallpaper, and I wanted to write a dedicated post after receiving my Ghostbuster-themed Unstoppable Andy shirt, pictured below. Like the others, it’s $19. And while I did get mine for free, I feel more than comfortable recommending them, especially my “Andy Versus” fave.

If you’re looking for some wear that will tell the world about your love for Andy, be sure to check out the sites.