Angry Birds to launch in next few weeks

One week ago, Rovio announced the release of the “Lite beta” version of their hugely popular iPhone title, Angry Birds, in the Android Market. Everyone was thrilled, tweeting about their extended time in the bathroom, thankfulness for long lines, and cherishing of those last few levels in bed at night. Everyone, that is, except those that couldn’t launch the program or even install it on their phones. Thanks to an interview with Talk Android we now know why Rovio withheld the program from some devices; quality assurance and lack of QVGA support. But have no fear, Wildfire and Hero owners, we will see a final version available in the Market before long: : What can you tell us about the future of Angry Birds on Android?

Rovio : We are currently working hard to ensure that Angry Birds on Android will offer best game experience for as many people as possible. The expected release date is within 2-3 weeks. : We have noticed that the Beta only got released to a certain number of devices. For example, we did not see it on the HTC Wildfire or Hero, but we did see it on the HTC Desire. I assume that this was simply because of the screen resolutions. Do Rovio plan to support a wider range of Android devices in future?

Rovio : At the moment, the game does not support QVGA displays, which is what the Wildfire has. We’re looking into trying to add support for QVGA devices. The game runs on the Hero, but there is a significant lag. We will try to solve any issues for as many devices as possible, before releasing the full version. : Is there any more information you would like to tell as at the moment?

Rovio : There will be more details very soon, as we prepare to announce the full game on Android.

It seems that Angry Birds has struck a chord with virtually every level of gamer, from the most casual (my newly addicted mother) to absolute game junkies. I can’t wait for more levels on my Android, and it sounds like neither can any of you.

Via Talk Android

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