APPNATION discount, freed pods, and free iPads!

If you’ve been itching to attend the APPNATION “Show Me the Money” conference in San Francisco on September 13th and 14th but just couldn’t scratch up the cash, here’s your chance to get in at half price. But first, let me remind you of the “early bird” discount for those who register ahead of time:

The expo cost is $125 whether you register now or at the door, but registering for the full conference now saves you $200. Not only that, but use PhoneDog’s discount code (“DIFC50″) when registering for the full conference online and you’ll get another 50% off. Not too shabby!

Whether you’re a seasoned coder, new to the world of monetizing apps, or just love all things tech, there’s bound to be something of interest at the APPNATION conference. Check out the full schedule here. If you’re interested in showing off your wares at the event, contact PhoneDog because they have some “pods” on the floor to give away for free! And if you just want to meet Noah Kravitz, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to, as he is covering the event. And as long as you’re registering, you might as well Like PhoneDog on Facebook, because doing both makes you eligible for one of the free iPads PhoneDog will be giving away in the coming weeks. Sweet!

Via PhoneDog

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