AT&T Tab training leads to a la cart pricing

It’s being rumored today that AT&T employees have started training on how to handle the Samsung Galaxy Tab. AT&T has taken page out of Sprint’s playbook on this one, and plans to be the first US carrier to announce pricing and availability. Take this next bit of information revealed with a grain of salt, but it was also said today that AT&T’s pricing guide will go a little something like this:

$15/100mb for 1 day
$30/300mb for 7 days
$50/1gb for 30 days

General consensus around the web is that these prices are pretty terrible. I’m going to have to agree. Don’t forget, there will be WiFi only versions out there that won’t require a daily, weekly, or monthly payment. They’ll also be more coin upfront, but with prices like $50 a month for 1GB, I’m guessing no one would mind paying a little extra to escape the contract.

Via Android Guys