MKB Reviews: Widget Locker

WidgetLocker is a full-featured Android lock-screen replacement available in the Android market for $1.99. I think it’s worth every penny of its cost, but if you don’t believe me you can try it out for 24 hours and return it if you don’t like it. This application allows you to place shortcuts, widgets, and additional slider on your unlock screen for added functionality. This customization ability is one of a few things that separates Android from the rest of the pack.

Something missing from Vanilla Android [or just an 'extra' in Sense UI] is the ability to have music controls in the form of a widget on your unlock screen. Now any phone can have this, or their choice of any other Android widgets. You can place your stock Android power control widget on your lock screen to have easy and convenient access to brightness or data settings and controls. In this video review I have the smaller home widget from ‘Beautiful Widgets’ on the top of my WidgetLocker lock screen.

Custom sliders are another pretty neat feature of this application that I haven’t seen featured in any other lock screen replacement. With this app you can add a slider that opens a new function or new application. To do this, hold down on any spot of your new lock screen while in ‘Tool Mode’ and select widget, then select ‘custom slider’ from the list. You can change the left, right, and middle actions to all lead to different actions, functions, or applications. You can set a swipe to change brightness, open an LED flashlight app, fire up your barcode scanner, and much much more.

Overall this is a really unique concept for an application that was actually executed quite well. For a small price you can have a lock screen that is completely unique to you. With tons of settings, it is completely customizable. You can change anything form turning haptic feedback off to hiding the notification bar on the lock screen. Either way, check out the accompanying video review for more information.

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