Dell Streak 2.1 OTA pre-rooted

Some of you may still be recovering from the shock of Dell releasing the Aero, but try to take a deep breath, and remember that Dell does have some good stuff out there. Like for example the Dell Streak: 5″ screen, 1GHz processor, front facing camera…. Android 1.6. Oh yeah, that. Well it looks like today, that whole Donut problem the Streak has will dissipate into the dark. O2 is pushing out an update to 2.1 (which Dell wanted to hold off on), that interestingly enough, comes pre-rooted.

Paul O’brien,

“To test, enable USB debugging then…
adb shell
…and you’ll probably see you’re root.
Interesting… particularly as this is an enormous security hole. I see no reason why any app can’t call the su binary, elevate itself to root privileges and do all sorts of naughty things!
PS This is the official OTA download from O2!”

Whether or not O2 knows about this isn’t clear. But hey, who are we to complain? Just be happy you have some desert of a different flavor to enjoy. If you happen to get the update, let us know how it works out in the comments.

Via Android Spin