Dell wants doctors to rely on Streak

It’s quite common nowadays to talk with your doctor while he or she taps away on a laptop with a swivel screen and perhaps a bit less common to see them with a true tablet. Dell wants to make the tablet a mainstay of the medical community and are pushing the Streak by incorporating their already established medical software into the device.

The tablet/phone, which runs $549 without contract and $299 with subsidy from AT&T, features a 5″ display that offers enough real estate for rapid navigation but is compact enough to fit in a lab coat pocket. Dell plans to have the gadget in the hands of doctors for testing this autumn (hopefully running a recent version of Android).

VP of Dell Healthcare and Life Sciences, Jamie Coffin, said, “When we designed the device we thought about what a clinician might like, it’s perfect size to fit into a lab coat, and allows you to be able to communicate anywhere.”

Via Reuters