Desire HD and shown off in promo video

HTC Desire HD
HTC is continuing to captivate the Android community. They started yesterday by announcing two new GSM phones, as well as an update to their custom UI, HTC Sense, and a new online service that integrates with it. One of those phones, the HTC Desire HD, gets an official promo video today showing off some new features. The presentation is professional, of course, and really makes the Desire HD, and Sense UI, shine.

Watch the video below to get a closer look at map caching in the new Locations feature, see the concept of DLNA streaming (including a glimpse at a new device that makes your older TV compliant!), and check out all the benefits of visualized and detailed.

I have to say that Google really missed the boat with some of these features. One of the reasons Google’s services are so popular with techies is that you can customize their functions to your liking. I can already ring my phone remotely, and I already receive my SMS via email, much like the new allows you to do. But that’s because I’m enthusiastic enough to look through options and to explore all the functions of the services I use. I also sometimes use Latitude to locate my phone, although I have to use my wife’s account or a second Google account. HTC has streamlined these services, and more, and made them easier to market and show off.

Perhaps Google is learning this lesson. For example, I keep my Gmail inbox nearly zeroed out all the time, because I use a system of filters and labels that’s comfortable for me and keeps me organized. Through their data algorithms, Google has found out users like me are in the minority; generally people can’t be bothered to set up the routing of their messages, so they introduced the Priority Inbox. I can imagine if you just keep all your messages in the Inbox, and I certainly used to do this, it’s quite the useful feature.

They’re slowly realizing that, for mobile devices especially, services and functions need to be easily accessible and involve little to no messing around with settings, etc. By this point, however, they might have a real “competitor” in HTC Sense for the mindshare of Android users.

Here’s the video:

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