DROID broken? You may be in for a surprise

Before I even dig into the meat of this post, it’s time for a disclaimer. I am in no way whatsoever telling or even slightly hinting that you should go and try something like this. It’s not publicly endorsed (to my knowledge) and definitely not guaranteed to work.

A very good friend of mine has been using a Motorola DROID on Verizon for somewhere near 6 months now. The phone has functioned great for the most part, until recently after experiencing some hardware issues. Now I have heard before that because the original DROID was discontinued, if you took one in for repair something magical happened: It turns into a DROID 2. This was however, the first time I had seen it happen. As any normal Verizon customer would, after experiencing problems with his phone, my friend took it to Verizon. After receiving a repair ticket for a DROID that would be sent to his place of residence, he noticed something different; The model number that he was used to had changed. He called me to ask what device the model number corresponded to, and sure enough, it was a DROID 2. Then the mail comes, and voila, his old broken DROID had been replaced with a DROID 2. Interestingly enough, it still didn’t ship with a battery cover or battery… both of which work perfectly fine with parts from an original DROID.

So there you have it. Like I said, don’t go break your DROID and try this yourself because you are not guaranteed the same results. If you do have to replace you DROID due to some sort of malfunction, you may just get lucky and end up with a lot more than when you started out.