DROID R2-D2 device gallery evokes ahs

I am, at best, a casual appreciator of the Star Wars movies. I watched the first trilogy as a child, glance by glance, in between eating Fruit Roll-Ups and drooling on my blue and yellow Roos. The second batch of movies threw me off, and I probably missed some amazing story telling, acting, direction, and computer graphics thanks to my disdain for Jar Jar Binks and everything I thought he represented. But there’s a lot to be said for the soaring theme written by John Williams in the scoring for Star Wars, and it still has the power to move me. The folks over at Verizon understand this power.

Check out the new device gallery for Motorola’s DROID R2-D2. The introduction has that classic yellow lettering drifting off into space, the powerful theme that accompanies the Star Wars brand, and that gives way to a 3D model of the R2-D2-themed DROID. Check it out. Is it as good as Leah Leia cosplay? No, but true fans will likely be thrilled.

Via DroidLanding