Droidthing offers online matching between humans and Androids

Android is catching fire right about now. The mobile OS is gobbling up market share, enchanting consumers, endearing developers, and powering countless devices (info on tablets alone could fill a dictionary-sized volume).

Basically, Android OS is an eligible bachelor, and eligible bachelors need their own dating sites. Droidthing provides this service for us humans. The site is a neat catalog of Android phones.

The way it works is that you pick the categories across which you want to compare devices, then select the values in these categories that are your minimum criteria, and finally see a direct comparison of the phones that qualify.

For those that feel overwhelmed by too many choices, it may be just the solution to calmly make a buying decision. Or if you’re hung up on a particular device, it might show you how many more Android fish there are in the sea.

via Lifehacker