Epic vs. EVO: the cameras

Kicking off this week’s battle between the HTC EVO (unboxing) and Samsung’s Epic 4G (unboxing, update and Media Hub first run), is a post covering the cameras. First, a video walking through the software on each device, followed by a series of video and photo samples. All video samples were shot in 720p HD with reminaing settings left at defaults. Don’t forget to select 720p from the resultion playback menu for the YouTube vids! All still photos have been resized to 600 pixels wide–Epic’s 5MP images were scaled down from 2560 X 1920 (max resolution), and EVO’s 8MP shots were scaled down from 3264 X 1952 (also max resolution). All other settings were left at their defaults.

Comparison of the camera software:

Video Samples:

Epic, sunlit room

EVO, sunlit room

Epic, pitch dark room:

Evo, pitch dark room:

Epic, outdoor day:

EVO, outdoor day:

Epic, outdoor night:

EVO, outdoor night:

Still Photo Samples:

Epic, sunlit room:

EVO, sunlit room:

Epic, outdoors, day:

EVO, outdoors, day:

Epic, pitch black room:

EVO, pitch black room:

Epic, dark room, pale flesh:

EVO, dark room, pale flesh:

Misc Epic images:

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