FringOut “coming soon” to Android

For quite some time now, Fring for Android has given users the ability to make video and voice calls to other Fring users for free. Until now, there hasn’t been a way to contact someone not using Fring, like on oh you know, Skype. This is exactly what FringOut aims to change with it’s 1 cent a minute domestic and international calling rates. To quite a few places around the globe, calls to any number (mobile of landiline) will only cost you a penny a minute. Of course there are exceptions, but the list of countries you can call on the low is very impressive. If all goes according to plan, FringOut could add some serious competition to the quickly developing world of VoIP. The thought of being able to use FringOut with the voice-less US version of the Samsung Tab alone should be enough to get your mind racing.

As of right now, FringOut is only available for Nokia’s S60, but will be coming soon for Android and iOS. Once FringOut for Android becomes available, be cure to check back with us here at DroidDog for a review and some demos to get you started.

Press release:

fring brings all the benefits of PC Internet calling with the convenience of mobile with its new fringOut service, offering worldwide mobile calls from 1c/minute

fring adds complementary voice services to its leading mobile video calling

London, United Kingdom, 19 September 2010. fring, the mobile communication service that connects people with mobile-internet rich communication, now takes the benefits of mobile internet communication to a new level with the launch of fringOut.

In adding fringOut to its rich video offering, fring now enables users to make almost-free international calls to any regular landline or mobile phone throughout hundreds of worldwide destinations, with rates as low as 1¢ a minute. fringOut is easy to use and fully-integrated into the familiar fring mobile experience.

The tens of millions of fring community members continue to enjoy completely free calls, free video calls, live chat and more with friends on fring and popular online services, and now enjoy ‘almost-free’ calls to friends and family on any phone, anywhere, with fringOut directly from the integrated fring contact list.

“Hundreds of millions of people have tried low-cost internet calling on their PC or through restricted mobile offerings. With the launch of fringOut, fringsters can benefit from internet calling with the convenience of mobile without cumbersome wires and cables.” said Avi Shechter, Co-Founder & CEO of fring. “The fringOut service joins our leading video service, to create a fun, internet-rich, cost-effective mobile experience for our thriving community of tens of millions of fringsters.”

fring users have the freedom to choose how they communicate with their friends including using fring Internet calling to other fring users and other communities, fringOut, SIP or GSM.

fringOut is currently available for Nokia S60 (Symbian) devices and will soon be available on iPhone and Android devices.

Users can start using fringOut by downloading fring’s latest version and signing up to fringOut.

Via Fring by way of Engadget