Galaxy Tab keyboard and docks

After announcing their Galaxy Tab product at the official event in NYC, Samsung and the four major carriers that will be selling the device–AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile–sent out a blast of press releases covering different selling points, referring to the Tab’s “on-the-go movie theater experience” and citing it’s navigation capabilities. And in situations like those, it only makes sense that you have some sort of docking station available. Sammy has three.

Perhaps most appealing is the keyboard/dock, which appears to be an Apple inspired QWERTY with charging/sync capabilities and stereo audio out for $99.99. The desktop dock will be used for hooking up that HDMI out and viewing pictures and other media, and the car dock (not yet seen in action) will hold that 7″ beast steady for turn-by-turn nav. That one will also run you $99.99.

Via Engadget