Google creates Android phone gallery and comparison site

The convenient address used to be a storefront for the beloved Nexus One, and once it gave us hope that Google would flip the tables on the mobile providers, allowing for a choice of hardware to come before a choice of carriers. The Nexus One is now discontinued, and its less than spectacular sales tempered those high expectations.

Google is recycling the address, however, and is providing a neat little site to catalog most Android phones. I say most because, according to Google’s blog post, “all the phones in the gallery include Android Market, Google Search, and other Google Mobile services such as Gmail, Maps, and YouTube.” Readers of this blog would conclude that this rules out the Fascinate, Verizon’s variant of the Samsung Galaxy S which ships with Bing Search in place of Google Search, and they’d be correct; the trouble-making handset is not in Google’s Phone Gallery.

The site lets you filter phones by country, manufacturer, service provider, and “with Google” designation, and choose up to three devices to compare side by side. Try it out.

via Google Mobile Blog