HTC bringing DLNA to older HDTVs

For those of us with a current video game system and an HDTV, DLNA support is a foregone conclusion. But there is a large segment of the gadget buying public out there that couldn’t care less about gaming but would love to share media from their mobile phones with the television. Enter a new product from HTC internally called Tube.

When discussing new features of Sense and other HTC products, John Wang, HTC’s Chief Marketing Officer briefly touched on DLNA support for older televisions. Pocket-Lint was able to get a little more info at the event and came up with Tube. SlashGear has referred to the product as Media Link.

The device will sit next to your telly, hooked up to WiFi, ready for files from (possibly) any DLNA device, even a network drive. Look for this one in Q4.

Via Pocket-Lint