HTC Hub and theme-aware Sense from the Desire HD

I couldn’t help but take the recently leaked Desire HD ROM for a spin on my phone after an EVO-friendly version of the software was released over at xda-developers along side the iOS-influenced MIUI ROM. (Which I also test drove today.)

At the moment, the Desire HD software isn’t running too smoothly for me; I have to keep it in airplane mode to avoid the continual restarting of Sense. Others have had better luck, but fair warning for dabblers: As always, try this stuff at your own risk.

Anyway, what I was able to gather from the time I spent running the software is appealing. HTC Hub, themes for Sense (like the myTouch Slide), and–good grief, yes–downloadable audio packs will all be welcome additions to my EVO when they arrive by the end of the year. At least the little buzz I’ve read online indicates EVO owners will see this by the end of the year, and when it comes to the leaking of software in the hacking community, that community tends to be the best source of what tends to turn out to be reliable information.

Whenever it comes out in the States, on whatever device it debuts, it looks as though HTC’s next iteration of Sense will see a substantial refresh, both visually and in terms of local and cloud functionality.

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