HTC Merge leaked pics show QWERTY, Verizon, Bing

We’ve seen the HTC Merge mentioned before, but now we can to see some tasty pics, courtesy of Boy Genius Report. The design is very sleek, the keys on the hard keypad are nicely space, and the screen is a good size.

We also see that this device is also likely to come with Bing, which Verizon seems to get a kick out of. I hope they include Google search from launch so that there’s no repeat of the Fascinate mess.

The handset, whose model number is ADR6325, has a SIM card slot for global roaming capabilities, meaning it will join the DROID 2 World Edition in its jetsetting ways. Some are bound to be disappointed by the lack of front-facing camera, but the device still stands as an attractive option and a great alternative to the T-Mobile G2 for Verizon customers.

Stay tuned as details emerge.

via BGR

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