HTC unveils Desire HD and Desire Z (Europe/Asia)

At the HTC event in London today, the Taiwanese maker of beautiful phones, blessed the non-American world with two new beautiful devices. To be fair, the US is already getting these phones in slightly different flavors… but we can always use more!

The QWERTY-poppin’ Desire Z is a version of the T-Mobile G2 that’s about to hit retail. That means you’ve got the 5 MP camera with flash (capable of HD video), and the 800 MHz CPU with integrated Adreno 205 GPU that keeps performance on par with the fastest Android phones out there. Also like its American counterpart, it’s HSPA+ ready, and can connect over WiFi 802.11n.

The one major difference is that T-Mobile G2 is a Google Experience phone (vanilla Android), while the Desire Z shows off HTC’s newest version of Sense UI, including the services they announced today at the same conference.

The Desire HD is a recreation of the Sprint’s EVO 4G, which itself is a reiteration of the TouchPro HD, a WinMo device.

Its 4.3″ screen beautifully renders the images taken from its 8 MP camera (with dual-LED flash), all running on the 1GHz Snapdragon processor. Like the Desire Z, it’s a HSPA+ device and features the enhanced HTC Sense UI on top of Android 2.2. Missing from the EVO design is the kickstand and the battery cover in general, in favor of a battery slot, not unlike the HTC Legend‘s.

Both of these gorgeous phones are headed for Europe and Asia some time in October. If HTC is serious about its new Sense UI, and it seems they’ve put some work into it, they should try to squeeze these into the US market as well, but I don’t recommend breath-holding.

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