HTC updates Sense UI with cloud backup and security

HTCSense.comBesides announcing a pair of Desirable phones at its event in London today, HTC showed off its enhanced Sense UI that runs on top of its newest Android phones. Some of the new features include:

  • HTC Locations, which will provide cached maps for access without the necessity of downloading
  • Image- and video-editing from the device, as well as camera effects (maybe like some 3rd party apps)
  • e-reading feature allowing users to buy books from the Kobo e-book store, highlight, annotate, search for definitions, and translate text right from the interface
  • DLNA streaming for “screen-sharing,” etc.
  • New incoming call notification that slides up from the bottom rather than taking up the whole screen
  • shorter boot time (10 seconds, according to HTC)

The biggest new feature is integration with its new website, When the site launches, presumably along with the two new phones in October, users will be able to remotely control certain aspects of their phones.

For example, you’ll be able to ring your phone, whether it’s on silent mode or not, in order to locate it. The site will also allow you to lock your phone remotely, and send messages to the phone’s lock screen, presumably to encourage would-be keepers of a lost phone to return in. If appeal to decency fails, users can also wipe the phone to at least get rid of all their personal info.

Besides this, will serve as a cloud backup for contacts, messages, data, and customizations. Users will also be able to upload their pictures and videos and use the site to edit and share them. It’ll be interesting to see how much use customers will make of the new site and features. If it’s popular, especially the media sharing aspect, it will further dilute Google’s ongoing stumbling attempt at building a cohesive social network.

HTC hasn’t said whether or not previous Android devices with Sense UI (Droid Incredible, EVO 4G, etc.) will be compatible with the site, but we’ll let you know as we find out.

via Engadget, Boy Genius Report

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