id Software seeks Android coder

FPS forerunners id, pioneers in Linux gaming and creators of the unforgettable games series Quake and Doom have turned their sites to Android, as evidenced by a job posting over at Gamasutra. Included in the job description is a requirement for understanding existing id mobile engines: “The Android programmer is responsible for familiarizing themselves with existing id Mobile engines, bringing Mobile development to Android, developing requirements for new systems, engaging in iterative development in Java & C++, writing documentation and supporting the content developers professionally. ”

Of course the first thing comes to mind after seeing id founder John Carmack’s demonstration of RAGE on the iPhone at QuakeCon is a possible port for Android, though the company could be in the process of bringing a number of games to the OS. Below are two videos from QuakeCon: the choppy video of John running RAGE on the iPhone and a 720 capture of the actual gameplay.

Via Android Central

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