LG launches Optimus One and Optimus Chic

LG Optimus One (left) and Optimus Chic

LG Optimus One (left) and Optimus Chic

They’re not the Tegra 2 phones LG announced earlier this month, but this morning the company launched two Android 2.2 handsets under the

Optimus line. The Optimus One and Optimus Chic are towards the lower end of the spectrum, each running on a 600 MHz CPU. The Optimus One’s 1500 mAh battery gives it more uptime over the Chic’s 1250 mAh.

Neither phone has much internal storage to speak of (150 MB on the Chic and 170 MB for the One, with Micro SD slots of course). The Chic’s spec sheet mentions DLNA streaming, which seems to be a fashionable feature recently, while the Optimus One’s sheet does not.

The phones are aimed at Europe and Asia, something that’s to be expected from LG. The Optimus One is slated to “roll out” (sorry) to Europe in October and the Chic following with November, with Asian availability to follow shortly thereafter.

via Android Central