Long awaited GMail improvements on deck for 2.2.1

If you had to change or add just one or two features of GMail for Android, what would they be? If you had asked me this question a year ago, I would have had a very hard time narrowing the fairly long list of problems I saw in the app down to just a couple of requests. I actually refused to use the native GMail app for the first year after Android was released. But recently, it seems that a lot of people have found a common peeve in the reply and forward buttons, which currently sit at the bottom of GMail messages. That is about to change.

GMail 2.2.1 has been leaked over at xda-developers and those with 2.2 willing can download the .apk from the link there, at their own risk.

It looks as though the file came from the Incredible 2.2 ROM. It was posted a couple of weeks ago, so hopefully this will be available in the Market before too long. Froyo is required. Here are some images, courtesy of Good and EVO. Notice the reply button in the last photo:

Via xda-developers by way of Good and EVO

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