MKB Reviews: Extended Controls

Extended Controls offers a highly customizable version of the stock Android power control widget that we’ve all come to know and love. And that’s what Android is all about, right? Customization. With this application you can add any one of a vast number of one-touch functions to access different functions of your Android phone. You can also change size, transparency, and color of the widget itself.

Something that separates this application from most other variations of the power control widget is the ability to change it once it has been added, even if you have more than one active widget. If you switch phone backgrounds and decide you want to have the indicators a different color you can do that. Maybe you change to a lighter background and want one of your widget to be less transparent – You can do that too.

In this accompanying video review I’ll show you exactly how to do all that, and give you an overview of all the functions offered by this €0.79 [Roughly $1.00] application.

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