Motorola’s full page WSJ ad; It’s not nice

Look, at this point, it’s no secret that Apple and Android are at war. So far Apple has been ruthless. Steve likes to make silent jabs at Android during every press conference he hosts. Whether it’s about activations, or apps, it’s not hard to spot. HTC and Google… well they’ve both done their fair share of defending. When it comes to Motorola and Verizon on the other hand, they seem to be the ones who are better trained to attack.

Ever since the release of the DROID Does campaign, you knew it was on. iDon’t do this. iDon’t do that. DROID Does it all. There has been several other (not-so) subtle advertisements from Moto like how you can hold your phone however you want, but this new full page ad in the WSJ just may take the cake. It’s bold, it’s simple, and most importantly, it’s true. Doesn’t get much more in your face than this:

Via Android Central