New Nook for Android update

Barnes & Noble has released version 2.2 of their Android app, adding new features such as a cover view pop-up menu with shortcuts for frequently used and requested actions, the ability to hide the status bar while reading for a more immersive experience, and options to change spacing and justification. Performance enhancements are also included. Running version, I searched the Market and found not an update, but a new Nook app for download, version 2.2. It replaced my previous installation, and I remained signed into my account.

B&N has been on top of Nook app updates since its launch at the end of July, paying special attention to fan feature requests. The app stays synchronized with the Nook ereader, making it easy to pick up reading where you left off, whether you have a Nook handy or an Android phone in pocket. The Nook app is free in the Android Market.