No UMA support for Android from T-Mobile?

When I bought my T-Mobile WiFi router two years ago as part of my @Home service, I didn’t realize that UMA calling–cellphone calls over WiFi–was one of the services Magenta was pushing. Support was very limited in the early stages, but it looked as though more phones would be supported; possibly Android devices. Sadly, WiFi calling via UMA never really materialized in a big way for T-Mo, and to this day, only a small number of handsets are capable. There was rumor of Android UMA testing in May, but apparently, nothing ever came of it.

GigaOm recently reported that a T-Mobile rep informed them that only Blackberry devices and the Nokia E73 would support UMA calling. This isn’t exactly an official statement, but that’s more direct and specific that anything we’ve recently heard from T-Mobile as an entity on the issue. So, it looks as though we may have to wait for the tides to shift before making WiFi calls from our Androids with T-Mo, if it happens at all.

Via Android Central

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