Notion Ink Adam tablet headed for FCC a week early

Notion Ink Adam tabletThe dream device no one is sure is real is doing a good job of maintaining our anticipation, with little hard evidence of its existence. Notion Ink’s blog posted an update yesterday, and we were reminded of how much we want it.

For those that need a reminder, the Adam is an Android tablet that’s been promised to come in several options, the most exciting of which feature a technology known as Pixel Qi, similar to e-ink in its low power usage and readability in sunlight. Basically, you’d have a lively color display meant to compete with the iPad’s on top of the specific functionality of a Kindle.

It sounds like they’re doing well, as Rohan Shravan of Adam wrote the devices will be up for FCC certifications a week earlier than expected, and that the project itself is similarly running ahead of schedule.

He also states that the screen on/off switch will be available in both the LCD and Pixel Qi models. And as LCDs are monstrous battery suckers, it will increase your uptime significantly. There’s also mention of a replaceable battery “concept,” and that updates with images will supposedly follow.

Keep an eye on us for more updates on the Notion Ink Adam as we get closer to its alleged launch.

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