Rumor: HTC and Acer tablets in the works

HTC tablet mock-up
In this edition of tablets, tablets everywhere, we’re serving up a twofer. Maybe it’s a fourfer?

Both of these rumors are from Digitimes, which has a hit and miss record, so don’t take it as gospel. Supposedly, they’ve spoken to component makers who say Acer is currently shopping around for processors, namely the Tegra 2 and Snapdragon, and evaluation other components for 3 models of tablets. The 3 models will have screen sizes of 5 inches, 7 inches, and 10 inches.

According to the rumor, Acer wants to bridge the market between tablets and smartphones; it can’t be said whether that means they’ll have mobile phone radios or if it’s just a throwaway PR line.

A similar report exists for HTC, with Taiwan-based component makers saying the company is working on an Android tablet device that will continue its strong relationship with Google and various world-wide carriers to gain an advantage over competitors. Whenever HTC does make a tablet (this rumor might as well be an educated guess), I’m inclined to believe that it will have Google’s support and will be as slick as their best handsets.

The Acer and HTC tablets are rumored to be aimed for first quarter of 2011. They’ll join the flurry of other tablets about to be released.

via Digitimes (Acer | HTC) by way of PhoneDog (Acer | HTC)

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