Rumored myTouch HD doc boasts of video chat, dual-core CPU, more

Leaked T-Mobile myTouch HD promo doc

An unconfirmed T-Mobile document obtained by TmoNews shows off the upcoming myTouch HD. The features discussed include video chat via Qik (either phone-to-phone or phone-to-PC), screen sharing on compatible HDTVs, Android 2.2, Swype, 1GHz Dual Processor [sic], a 5MP primary camera with flash, and a VGA front-facing camera. It also states that the HTC device will be on T-Mobile’s HSPA+ network, making it the second such phone, after the upcoming G2. The Genius button from the myTouch 3G Slide returns, as expected.

Besides claiming T-Mobile has “America’s largest 4G network,” the document also says video chat can be initiated over 3G, HSPA+, or Wi-Fi. As the literature can be anything (a mock-up for internal purposes, a work in progress, a fabrication), the details are still unconfirmed. T-Mobile could use another exciting phone, however, after a period of losing their Android cachet. If the promo copy is true, the G2 and myTouch HD can really incite some interest.

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