Samsung Epic 4G (Sprint) OTA update and Media Hub first run

I was anxiously awaiting an update for my Samsung Epic 4G last Thursday–the OTA that would give me access to Sammy’s new Media Hub app/service, which they officially unveiled that night. A file popped up on xda-developers for those that wanted to upgrade manually, but I’ve learned a valuable lesson about jumping that gun and I also like to know when the software rolls out to others in my region. I ended up waiting for four days, but I finally got the notice of availability this morning.

As for Media Hub, it looks great. Much cleaner and more polished than say, the Blockbuster Android app, and the rental process was smoother as well. As for playing content from multiple devices, I’ll have to wait for another Galaxy to show up on the door for testing. But overall, my first spin was satisfactory.

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