Samsung Galaxy Tab gets promo vid (warning: no skinny jeans allowed)

Last week Samsung hosted a big event to showcase the Galaxy Tab, which is headed to all four major US mobile carriers.

Now you can watch an official promo video, showing a bunch of happy people using the device and stuffing it into their back pockets. While we don’t think the latter will be a common occurrence, the video does a good job of showing the device being used in various situations, e.g. in a library, streaming video to a TV, listening to music, playing games while walking next to traffic, etc.

It’s very interesting to contrast with similar ads of the iPad. Apple’s promo material always exudes a sort of serene, calm atmosphere, while this Galaxy Tab video focuses much more on activity and people being busy. I suspect that the two sets of videos reflect their respective products well; the iPad is very much a “lean back” device, while the durability, smaller form, and built-in camera of the Galaxy Tab will make useful in a wider variety of situations. The video is embedded below:


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