Samsung Galaxy Tab roundup: Whole lotta’ Tab

The first day of IFA Germany has been huge for Android. We got to see some amazing stuff today, but nothing can compare to the Samsung Tab. Clearly, the device is going to be huge (and I’m not talking screen size here). What have we been able to gather up on the the Galaxy Tab? Here’s a quick rundown. Oh and don’t worry, there’s a little non-Tab news for those burnt out on it later on.

The first thing on everyone’s mind, at least when it comes to sales and specs, is how the Tab competes with the iPad. Below, you will find a handy chart that takes care of the specs. When I look at the chart, I see one thing: It comes down to personal preference. As far as sales go, that will settle itself out once the holiday season is in full swing. Now I know the iPad is making a killing right now, but I’d venture to guess the Tab will do pretty well itself.

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So how much will the Samsung Galaxy Tab cost? For the WiFi non-carrier branded version of the device, you’re looking at €699 ($900) for the 16GB model and €799 ($1000) for the 32GB version. The suggested retail price in Sweden is SEK 9,000 or $1,240 including 20% tax. At eXpansys, you can pre-order the device now for £679.99 (16GB), with a release date of 10/11. By the time the Tab makes it America and carriers get their plans involved, it should be a lot cheaper. Of course, for a Wifi only tablet… $1000 is a lot of money to just fork out. Hopefully we see a price break in that model as well.

UPDATE: There is a lot of confusion surrounding the pricing, and availability of WiFi only devices VS 3G enabled carrier branded devices. Until Samsung says so, this pricing information is merely hear-say and should be taken as such.

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Now for a little news that’s not Tab related, but still from Samsung. Amongst the hype of the Tab, a far less known PMP made it’s way onto the scene by the name of the Galaxy Player 50. The GP50 is an Android 2.1 device with a 3.2″ screen, WiFi, and 8GB or 16GB of internal storage. It also features a microSD slot for expandable memory of up to 32GB. Look for the DivX, ThinkFree office, Google services, Android Market bundled device to hit the shelves in Europe this October for 229 (8GB) and 299 (16GB) Euros.

- Samsung Hub

So what do you guys think? Is Samsung proving itself a worthy opponent? Or are you still fixated on the Behold II of yesteryear? If you ask me, I’d say Samsung is becoming the name to beat.

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