Samsung may use Android in television sets

Slowly but surely, TV sets are being used less and less for broadcast applications, and more for downloadable content or streaming services. With projected sales of web-enabled televisions reaching heights of 87.6 million between 2009 and 2013, more solid manufacturers are looking for solutions on how to keep things competitive. Samsung may have found their answer in the form of Android, for now. With Samsung’s commitment to Android at IFA, this should come as no surprise. Yoon Boo Keun, head of Samsung’s TV business, said today that largest TV manufacturer is thinking it over: “We will have to see, but we are reviewing.” Yoon was also quick to mention that Samsung has their very own Bada OS, and that they are working on developing a cross platform solution; One OS that would work on both smartphones and TVs.

However Samsung decides to run their web-based TVs, just know that this is only the beginning. With the introduction of Apple’s revamped Apple TV and Google TV just around the corner, expect things to get messy anytime now.

Via Bloomberg