Samsung’s NYC event produces Media Hub

Samsung has been promising high quality mobile content for Galaxy S devices since they were launched, and very soon, they will deliver. Media Hub is Samsung’s cloud-based, instantly streaming premium content system, which will offers up new release and library titles for purchase and rentals, plus next-day television content. The content can be used on multiple Media Hub devices–hopefully without too much hassle in terms of hardware registration.

MTV, NBC, Paramount, Universal Studios, and Warner are on board with Samsung to provide current and archive content, along with a host of other providers. NBC promo’d a new conspiracy theory drama called The Event, which premiers on Monday at 9:00, and will be available on Media Hub.

Samsung has also provided Media Hub access to a PC client, which can be further researched at the new, which they are calling an “engagement platform.” The site includes a TV app store.

Seamlessness was a key word at the event, so hopefully, transferring, sharing, and installing multiple copies of movies, shows, and ebooks on several Media Hub devices will be a piece of cake. UPDATE: Media Hub will not work with AllShare, which Samsung referred to as a “consumer-created content” technology. Media Hub devices will need to pull content from the cloud, meaning that purchased content will need to be download to each device the consumer wants it on.

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