Second DROID X Froyo build leaked

With DROID X users still waiting on a frustratingly late Android 2.2 update, tinkerers and hackers have turned to unofficial ROMs for a taste of Froyo. Forum users on My Droid World have leaked a second 2.2 build for the DROID X, this one requiring the device to be rooted.

DROID X Android 2.2 build

Before going off to search for instructions on hacking your phone and installing the leaked ROM, readers should take note of Motorola’s stance on these builds: there’s no upgrade path to the official ROM, whenever it does come, so users will have to find a way to flash back to the original OS load, or risk being stuck with home-cooked builds ever after. Even if that’s not a big threat (flashing back to the retail ROM has always been easy on other devices), remember that messing with the OS puts the device’s health in your hands, and you’ll get no help from Motorola or Verizon if something screws up. That warning aside, Motorola will probably send out a cease and desist as they’ve done previously, so if you’re after the leaked ROM, there’s a time limit.

via MyDroidWorld by way of PhoneDog

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