Sharp announces two Android tablets and e-bookstore for Asia

It’s been a while since we had a new Android tablet announcement (at least a couple of hours) and this one comes from one of the biggest players in consumer electronics.

Sharp is introducing two models of a new media tablet, one measuring 5.5 inches and the other 10.8. As the press release is in Japanese, the details are unclear, but it seems that no mention of Android is made, and the tablet will operate under a very specific e-reader UI, complemented by an accompanying electronic bookstore. The name of the tablet(s) is Galapagos (something, something evolution) and it seems they might be sold under the brand Kuraudomedia.

So while it might be running a limited version of Android, we’ll keep an eye on the specs. If it has connectivity, the screen is responsive, and the innards are fast, a quick Android root should give you access to all the other functions you’re looking for.

If you can read Japanese and can glean any other details from the presser, let us know in the comments.

Sharp, via Mashable