The Saturday Wrap: 9/04/2010

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Greetings everyone, and welcome to another Saturday Wrap. With IFA going on and the holiday season quickly approaching, Android news has been out of control. Holding the spot of number one Android device on the market is becoming harder and harder to maintain as well. Of course personal opinion and overall consumer experience play a pivotal part in which device you name top dog, but there’s no denying what cold hard specs can do for a product. Right now we’re seeing a race between manufacturers and carriers for the sole purpose of grabbing our (consumers) attention just long enough for a sale. Companies try harder by making better handsets, faster tablets, and stronger advertisements. I don’t know about you, but it’s been a long time since it was easy for me to decide which phone I was getting next. Enough chit-chat, it’s time to get down to business:

Device news:

This week in device news has been huge for all sorts of Android devices, not just phones. I think you know what I’m talking about; Tablets. It seemed like a day didn’t pass without a tablet or two making it’s way into the scene. Of course, there has to be one that stands out from the crowd. The Toshiba Folio 100 is nice, as is the ViewPad 7. The Identity Tab and Optimus Pad… well I’d need to see more of them first. The Hannspree and those 5 Archos tablets all look great, but they still weren’t the talk of the town. At IFA this week, Samsung finally announced their Galaxy Tab, and the news just hasn’t stopped since. It’s being said that the Tab will be headed to multiple carriers in the US, GSM and CDMA. There are Verizon screen shots that confirm they’ll be landing the device, and Sprint is also highly rumored to land it by November. We don’t know much about the upcoming GSM carriers, but rest assured it’s coming.

Moving on from tablet and Tab news, whether it’s the release of the Epic 4G, or the upcoming T-Mobile G2… there’s a little something for everyone:

LG E720
Motorola’s Android Ming line up for China
Samsung Mobile event, 9/16
DROIDLanding: R2D2 edition
Google and Huawei working side-by-side on new device
Epic 4G hits the streets
G2 clocked at 800MHz, still blazing
T-Mobile G2: $499 outright, $199 w/ contract/rebate
Return of the Milestone 2 video
Fascinate in the wild
Motorola’s Defy should take a beating
Huawei announces Ideos at IFA
Verizon Fascinate to be $199, plus BOGO
New Verizon prepaid services to include Android devices?

Software news:

This weeks software headlines were dominated by hacking and modding once again, with CyanogenMod 6 leading the pack. Cyanogen and his team of developers have finally released CM6 stable for several devices. CM6 builds are AOSP based ROMs; Vanilla Android 2.2. And in case you didn’t know, Cyanogen is the undisputed king of the Android developer community. For more information on whether your device is covered or will be covered, visit the CyanogenMod site now. Here’s the rest of the software news for the week including some drama surround the DROID X, and a pre-rooted 2.1 update being sent out to the Dell Streak:

XPERIA X10 update before end of September
Samsung Tab rooted
DROID X running Android 2.2 Sapphire AOSP ROM
Motorola Charm rooted

App news:

It’s not very often that a game will dominate the app news headlines, but Angry Birds has done it. The highly addicting game has been available on the iOS platform for some time now. After outcries from, well… just about anyone who owns an Android device, the app has finally been brought to the Market in all it’s glory. The beta lite version of the app from Roxio is available in the Market now, but just a quick heads up, it’s not showing up for some people. The issue is being worked on. If you don’t see Angry Birds in the Market yet, here’s some more app news to hold you over:

“Real HDMI” fix for DROID X
Bing makes it’s way to Verizon branded devices
Long awaited GMail improvements on deck for 2.2.1
Google Goggles: Shoot This
Target app for Android

Videos and reviews:

have you ever wondered what makes us here at DroidDog tick? What apps we use on a daily basis? Well Carlos has taken it upon himself to bust out the camera and tally up his top ten:

You know, out of all ten, there is only one I use on weekly basis; ROM Manager. Looks like I have some apps to check up on.

Marques has new review out this week on a “simple yet powerful application available in the Android market for managing applications running on your phone” known as Process Manager. If you’re looking for a great way to manage your device and haven’t tried Process Manager before, be sure to watch/read the review for a full run down of everything the app has to offer.

John has been busy lately putting up several reviews this past week including a great write-up for anyone in the market looking for an e-reader. Simply titled “I love my $149 nook Wi-Fi,” John goes over everything his Nook has to offer, and how it stacks up against the competition.

You may also want to take a second to read John’s part 2 of the EVO Power Plan, and a heartfelt op-ed on how the Samsung Intercept finally caught his attention. Spoiler alert, just go buy an Epic.


Alright everyone, that’s a Wrap. Thanks for reading and be sure to keep checking back with us next week for everything Android. Until then, I’ll leave you with 3 interesting articles to read up on; Google Music coming soon, Homemade NES EMU controller, and Motorola’s full page WSJ ad. Gotta love truth in advertising, right? Enjoy!