The Saturday Wrap: 9/11/2010

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Greetings everyone, and welcome to another Saturday Wrap. Today we have a lot to discuss, so I’m not going to waste time with introductions. Whether it’s more news on the G2, the release of the Samsung Fascinate, or Google TV, we’ve got a little something for everyone. So without further ado, let’s get right into this:

Device news:

Another Samsung Galaxy S Series device stealing the headlines? You don’t say. News of the Samsung Fascinate on Verizon has been everywhere this past week. Unfortunately, it’s not all good. There is an interesting story developing surrounding the release of the handset, Verizon, Bing, and Google. To read more on it, check out these two posts here and here. If you want to know everything good the Fascinate has to offer, look no further than Breon’s full written review. Great stuff. Here’s the rest of the device news from last week including the official announcement of the T-Mobile G2 with Google, and the gorgeous pictures that came along with it.

PSA: G2 available for pre-order now
G2 mystery keys: home screen cycling?
You want a new Nexus One on T-Mo? Look North!
Android Developer Phone 3 back in stock
LG Shine Plus available on Telus now
Motorola MZ600 Stingray tablet turns up in Verizon’s inventory
LG shipping dual-core Tegra 2 units this year
Samsung announces dual-core “Orion” processor
Samsung may use Android in television sets
People of Lava’s “Scandinavia” Android television
The world’s first HDTV powered by Google TV
HP Zeen and Photosmart eStation C510
Adobe changes minimum reqs for Flash on Android devices
Google spreadsheet organizing upcoming tablets
HTC’s sliding dual mode phone hits FCC, with pics
Galaxy Tab affordable in US; crazy expensive overseas
Red and white official Droid Incredible backs shipping for $25
Samsung Gem Not Coming Soon After All
Motorola Milestone 2 and Defy in live photos. Both are coming to Vodafone
HTC event scheduled for September 15, rumors of a tablet intensify
Three UK stocking the Samsung Galaxy Tab – voice and data tariffs revealed
Rumor: Motorola also going with dual-core Tegra 2, not 2 GHz
ARM reveals quad-core 2.5 GHz Cortex A-15, slated for 2012
Pace CEO confirms his company is eyeing Google TV

Software news:

This week in software news has been relatively slow, but what we do have is either really good, or really bad. For example, really good: The Xperia X10 was FINALLY caught running 2.1 on video. It’s still a preview version, but it’s better than nothing. Now for some really bad: Motorola has pushed back dates for updates to the Cliq, Cliq XT, and Backflip yet again. This time to around late Q3, early Q4. Ouch. It’s like one commenter said, with those devices being EOL’ed soon, and the amount of push backs and problems we’ve seen so far… No one would be surprised if the updates never came at all. I sincerely hope that’s not the case, but I wouldn’t doubt it.

R2-D2 boot animation
R2-D2 live wallpapers leaked
New Nook for Android update
unrEVOked 3.2: 1 click root for Sense 2.2
Video shows of the customizability of Android
DROID 2 lands custom ROM
Fascinate rooted; No more Bing
Adobe uses small words, pictures, to show which phones Flash supports
Google Courts Yahoo Users with One-Click Account Creation
Get Priority Inbox in mobile Gmail [Android tips]
Dell Streak source code out for all to see
Sony Ericcson: Announcing the New Developer Services Section

App news:

This past week has brought us a plethora of great app news to discuss, but none seems more important than the Android Market finally reaching the 80,000 apps mark. It was just under 2 months ago was when Google last announced the Market had reached 70,000 apps; That translates to somewhere near 180 apps a day added to the Android Market since. To think that the Market started out at just 50 apps 2 years ago is astonishing. And keep in mind here, this is only counting Android Market apps, there are alternative markets with even more.

So just what kind of apps fill the ever growing Android Market? Just about everything you can imagine:

Google adds widgets to Voice
Android Notifier gives phone notifications on the desktop
Abduction! 2 for Android coming soon
Cool app: Amtalee
“Visa Insider” app for the Toronto International Film Festival
Angry Birds to launch in next few weeks
APPNATION discount, freed pods, and free iPads!
TweetDeck update brings widgets

Videos and reviews:

Last week we got to take a good look at Carlos’ top ten apps for his myTouch Slide. This week, it’s MKB’s turn. From News Rob to Juice Defender, there’s something for everyone.

John took a minute to review something fun this week that I think you’re gonna love. If you’re looking for a new way to add a little flavor to your device, then look no further than MusicSkins:

For more information on MusicSkins, read the full post here, and check out the MS website.


Alright everyone, that’s a Wrap. Stay tuned to DroidDog for everything Android we can get our hands including news, reviews, hacks, and mods. I’ll leave you today with two stories to hold you over until next week: “DROID broken? You may be in for a surprise,” and “Andy merch that’s worth the scratch.” Enjoy!