The Saturday Wrap: 9/25/2010

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Welcome to another Saturday Wrap where today we’ll be discussing some great apps, the upcoming T-Mobile G2, and we’ll get right in the middle of a war between the HTC EVO and the Samsung Epic.

Device news:

As of yesterday, T-Mobile finally put the upcoming G2 on pre-sale. Shortly after the big announcement, a T-Mobile provided comparison chart hit the web, as well as a video of Quadrant Standard running on the device. The results are a must see for anyone still on the fence about a purchase. Look for lots of G2 coverage coming to DroidDog soon including unboxings, comparisons, benchmarks, and more.

G2 makes it’s way into Best Buy buyer’s guide
Galaxy Tab will land on Rogers and Bell
Samsung Galaxy Tab gets promo vid (warning: no skinny jeans allowed)
Samsung lets slip plans for a 10-inch Galaxy Tab
Droidthing offers online matching between humans and Androids
DROID 2 World Edition in the flesh
Motorola Milestone comes to Alltel
Motorola Flipout for AT&T lands on eBay; Sells for $388
LG Optimus for T-Mobile outed, questions ensue
LG Vortex coming with Bing and Shazam
HTC Desire HD bests Nexus One in benchmarks
HTC Desire HD promotional video
Scaleform shows glasses-free 3D on Tegra-powered Android
HP Photosmart eStation printer home to Android tablet

Software news:

This has been a long time coming, but finally, we present to you: The official Samsung Galaxy Tab UI walk-through.

As you can see, the Tab is going to be one powerful device. This video still leaves me with some questions, but I’m sure they’ll be answered by the time the Tab finally hit’s retail.

If you’re wondering where the updates are this week, don’t worry, they’re here. Just about every device under the sun saw a maintenance update.

Verizon starts Froyo updates for DROID X
Minor update for Samsung Captivate
Samsung Fascinate gets bug-fixing update from Verizon
HTC EVO software update
Sony Ericsson Blog: “Update on Updates”
Sprint HTC Hero receives update, calms your GPS and dialer woes
T-Mobile UK Says Android 2.2 Will Hit their Galaxy S by End of Month
unrEVOked 3.2 finally back

App news:

It’s been floating around for awhile now that Google will separate their GAPPS from the ROMs devices are shipped with in order to keep them updated better. This week, Google has taken the first step in doing that by making the integrated GMail app… not so integrated. From now on, Android devices on 2.2 or above will be updating the GMail app through the market, much like you do with Google Maps and Voice. Theoretically, all of the apps provided by Google will be headed this way eventually.

Upload to Flickr right from Android 2.2 browser
Twidroyd 4.0 details leaked
FringOut “coming soon” to Android
Google Docs soon to support editing on Android
Dropbox Updated
Jet Car Stunts for Android coming by end of this year
Cloud Storage Startup Launches Android App; BlackBerry App In The Works

Videos and reviews:

I mentioned earlier that by the end of the Wrap we’d get into a war between the EVO and Epic. Well, here we go. First up we have hardware and interface, where you’ll get a look at cameras, materials/design, software, fingerprints, and sunlight visibility. If you more interested in the cameras, you can take a better look at them here. There’s more to come, but for now, you watch some great videos on the Epic’s Media Hub, and a sneak peek of what HTC has coming up for us in the update they plan on bring to Sense.

Those of you who get a kick out of trying untested ROMs and venturing into uncharted territory will love this video on the new MIUI ROM that’s becoming more and more popular. The Chinese developed ROM is a strange mix of Android and iOS and has been ported to the Nexus, Desire, and EVO. Real exciting stuff.

If you’re looking for an alternative weather app, look no further than Animated Weather Pro. The review speaks for itself, and is definitely worth a watch.

MKB has taken a chance to pit two popular apps against each other that are hoping to serve similar needs: Google Goggles and Shopper. Both have their strong points, but I’m sure you can find your reasons for liking one over the other.


Well everyone, that’s a Wrap. Thanks for joining us this week, and be sure to stay tuned for more coverage on on everything Android. Today, I’ll leave you with these two good reads: “Half billion people will use Google Android by 2015,” and “Eric Schmidt drops by the Colbert Report.” Enjoy!