Leak: Logitech Revue coming 09/29 for $299, $179 from Dish

Dish Network has been the partner to watch in Google’s ramp-up to the launch of their living room break-out product, Google TV. And after including six months of free Dish Network service to Zeitgeist attendees (along with everything else one would need to experience the product), it’s not really a surprize to hear that Dish–who asked customers what they wanted to pay for a Google TV box–wants to get in on some discounted sales.

Engadget has posted some images that reveal two pieces of critical Logitech Revue info: It’s dropping on September 29th, and it will cost $299–that is, unless you’re a Dish Network subscriber, in which case you’ll be able to snag the first Google TV experience at the heavily discounted rate of just $179 (plus a $4 monthly dee).

I haven’t laid my hands on a Revue yet, but that deal seems just too good to pass up. Hit up Engadget for the rest of the pics.

Via Engadget

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