TweetDeck update brings widgets

Demonstrating once again why TweetDeck is at the very top of the Twitter client heap, the company has announced the release of a significant update (0.9.8 – click for download from TD) to their popular Android beta application. The new .apk brings three widgets; quick post, column view, and a launcher bar; new notification and update settings; and some overall performance enhancements and bug fixes. So, pretty much every major complaint and request we’ve made since the beta launched has been addressed in some fashion. The 3X3 column widget leaves the same awkward spaces as the new Google Voice widgets, but improvements have been coming fast and in big waves for this young Android app. I still expect to see the best Twitter app available for Android when TweetDeck is officially launched in the Market.

After selecting the column widget from the list (left) you’re prompted to chose a stream: Home, Me, or Direct Messages (right). The launcher widget is at the bottom right.

Once a tweet is selected, users see a new button that allows for sharing and deleting tweets.

Here is my “Home” column with a compose widget.

Via TweetDeck